Where does my produce box come from?

 The Local Pumpkin standard: We deliver produce and other staples from small, family farms located in the Columbia Basin and Yakima Valley.  Once we receive the produce, we sort it, pack it and deliver it to you that same day or next day. We pride ourselves in delivering produce at the peak of freshness. We buy from farmers who are certified organic and/or use clean farming practices. During Columbia Basin's non-growing season it is necessary to purchase produce from farms, not in eastern Washington. Non-Local produce is always Certified Organic. We always prefer local when available.






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This is a great time to add additional items like meat, eggs!

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We deliver Tues, Wed,and Thurs each week

  • You can make all the changes you want to your default box.
  • Including changing your default box.
  • Add additional produce and other items from the store like dairy, cheese, baked goods, coffee, eggs, honey, and meat. All from local sources.

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We love being part of your delicious home-cooked meals!