Local Pumpkin Produce Box - Delivers local fresh produce to all the Tri-Cities

It's the farmer's market delivered to your home or office for as little as $22 a week!

It's easy, convenient, flexible and the produce is delicious!

Fruits & Vegatables

  • Farm fresh
  • Local
  • Seasonal
  • Nutritious and delicious!


  • Each week we plan what will go in each box, based on what is in season and available.
  • 10+ produce stables in our store.
  • Weekly Recipes - that help you use what is in your box.

and you can totally customize your Standard box on-line!


Eggs, Baked Goods, Meat, Raw Honey

Add-on to your weekly box with local:

  • Eggs from Hacienda Zaragoza Egg Farm
  • Baked goods from TSP Bakery and Indulgence
  • Meat from Neiffer Triangle 4 Ranch
  • Local Raw Honey



While I was sitting at 300 lbs,  I watched a documentary on the dangers of the Standard American Diet I decided I had to change my diet. So I purged the junk food from my pantry and decided to transition to eating more organic natural foods. I began to cook and started with fresh fruits and vegetables and meats. a year later I was down 100 pounds. Key in this approach was the quality of meats and vegetables.

Ultimately my family chose to have fresh and local when possible produce delivered to our home. We have found it to be a very cost-effective and delicious option for our family. I have also enjoyed the cooking and being 100 + lbs lighter!

Edwin D – Richland

I love the service you provide. I'm a busy working mom and have a high-stress job. It's difficult to find the time to shop for groceries and a lot of time it was just easier to order a pizza, Chinese food or anything that could be delivered.

We were always fans of a farmer's markets but it was getting more and more difficult to get to one with the hours we'd been working.

The produce we receive from Local Pumpkin always tastes SO good. I had a cucumber the other day that was absolutely delicious and had so much flavor.

I can honestly say there have been a few times where I've come home so tired and just ready to order a pizza when I see a box of fresh vegetables on my doorstep and I'm suddenly inspired to cook!

Angie T - W. Richland

I had been a farm-produce member once before with another organization, I would receive boxes picked over by other or wilted the time I got off work. No comparison to your freshness AND variety!

Kirsten M - Richland