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Improving Health, Joy and Productivity - Naturally..

One company breakroom at a time!

Here is how the Breakroom service Works..

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  • Choose frequency - we can deliver on a weekly, every other week, or monthly basis.
  • Frequency is flexible to meet your needs!

Choose a box size

  • Biz Small Fruit box - $30 - 25 servings per delivery
  • Biz Regular Fruit box - $40 - 37 servings per delivery
  • Biz Large Fruit box $50 - 50 servings per delivery
  • Biz Fruit box (15 servings) + Healthy Snacks (10 servings) $35

Change # servings per delivery at anytime


We monitor your fruit preferences and eating habits to help make sure your team is getting all their favorite fruits in just the right amounts.

Add-on a Healthy Snacks and Bars Variety Pack. (15 count - $21)


Note: We will provide a fruit basket for your breakroom counter and provide a mini counter fridge that you can store fruit (at your cost).

Why Fresh Fruit?

Most adults in the U.S. spend the majority of their time in the workplace, where it can be tough to maintain healthy snacking habits.

Many office break rooms are filled with doughnuts, chips, sodas, and the like. These unhealthy snacks are very convenient, but cause blood sugar spikes, lack of focus, crash; and longer term, poor health.

Local Pumpkin Breakroom service is the perfect alternative. Fresh fruit is a naturally delicious and healthy snacking choice that helps promote health and wellness in the workplace.


Tyler Best – Abadan

We can’t wait to get our fresh fruit every Monday, everyone loves it so much they try and get in there early to pick out the fruit they want first. I get emails and texts all the time from our employees appreciating the fruit, a lot more than I get when I bring in donuts.

Christine Rose-Vanwormer - Visiting Angles

My team loves having a healthier snack alternative! I have observed them choose a piece of fruit over a sugary treat. A happy, healthy staff has helped them excel in helping the elderly in our community!

Other Eating Healthy assistance

Local Pumpkin can help impact the health of your employees by...

  • Providing educational information to employees about improving overall health and eating habits given by a local nutritionist.
  • Delivering produce boxes for employees to their home or your office.

When your employees eat healthier, they will be happier and healthier and lower your companies health care costs and increase their energy and your business's productivity will go up.