Farm fresh produce delivered to your home or office - every week!

We offer 5 different produce boxes. The variety of produce in the boxes changes each week.  You can switch the type of box you receive at any time. You can receive a box as often as every week or as little as once a month. You can skip a week whenever you choose. You can also modify the contents of your box if something else in the store fits your needs better.

We carry 50+ produce items on our online store each week to choose from!

Harvest Box


Our most popular box. A balance of vegetables and fruits that are mostly organic. Includes items for cooking and fresh eating. Contains 8-15 varieties.

Family Box

family box new

Similar to the Harvest box, with additional items and greater quantities of some items. Our best value for healthy eaters. Contains 12-16 varieties.

Fruit Box


For the family or individual who wants fresh fruit available for snacking. Selection of seasonal fresh fruits. Includes 4-7 types for eating all week long.

Grab n Go Box


Great box for lunches and snacks! A variety of fruits and vegetables that can be eaten with minimal prep time! Contains 6-8 varieties.

Essentials Box


Similar to Harvest and Family boxes, only smaller portions. Perfect for 1-2 people who like to do some cooking.